New Microsoft Powerpoint Updates

What's New in PowerPoint?
The new updates of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 and 365.
1. Funnel Chart.
2. Morph.
3. Zoom Effect.
4. 3D Models.
5. Online Video.

Funnel Chart:
Funnel chart is one of the new feature of powerpoint which is very useful to show info graphics. Awesome infographics can show visual information easily.

new microsoft powerpoint updates

Go to the insert > SmartArt menu. On the spring up window, you'll see a combination of diagrams and representations that you can without a doubt add to your presentation. There's a reasonable expressly for pipe diagrams on the Relationship region.

new microsoft powerpoint updates

On the SmartArt menu, pick the Relationship region and thereafter, the funnel chart to add it to your presentation.

After you select Funnel press okay, you'll see a line reasonable added to your presentation. Notice that a substance take care of springs on the left with pre-built rundown things. Each rundown thing looks at to an article in the line. You can modify and revive your SmartArt with no issue. Incorporate the total of the centers you need using the substance box while working with your SmartArt to adjust the truth.

On this graph, you can add additional rundown things to incorporate more channel objects. Press Return while working in the substance box to incorporate another article or erase over a feature dispense with a line thing. SmartArt is a wonderful component for building PowerPoint channel charts, be that as it may, it very well perhaps somewhat limiting. It's valuable that you can type over the substance placeholders and incorporate your information, yet the style and customization settings can leave you with a level chart. For additional, you can get in touch with us.

Morph transition is one of the best new feature of PowerPoint. To use the morph transition you will need the office 365 or 2019.

new microsoft powerpoint updates

Morph Can be used in:
1. Objects.
2. Words.
3. Characters.
Use these transitions between two slides.
Please check the video for Morph Transition.

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Note: Without the office 365 or Office 2019, you may not find the morph transition.

Zoom Effect:
To find the zoom section go to Insert>Zoom. There you will see 3 more sections. they are given below.

new microsoft powerpoint updates

* Summary Section: To sum up the whole introduction on one slide, summary zoom.
* Slide Zoom: Show chosen slides just, pick Slide zoom.
* Section Zoom: Show a solitary area in particular, then pick section zoom

Note: Zoom for PowerPoint is just accessible in PowerPoint 2019 and Microsoft 365. 

3D Models:
Symbols and 3D models are most amazing feature added by microsoft. You guys should use these features. It will ,make your presentation look eye catching.

new microsoft powerpoint updates

Online Video:
Adding online cool videos another fresh feature of powerpoint. Also video qualities are much better than ever. Don't wait, purchase powerpoint 2019 or 365 right now and enjoy.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very powerful tool. It's very easy to use. Check powerpoint presentation tutorial bangla. New features added more power to this tool. Make good use of it. I hope this post is helpful. Let me know in the comment, how can I add more values. Suggestions are highly appreciated. 

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