Avoid These PowerPoint Presentation Slides Design Mistakes

Are you and your teams creating effective powerpoint presentation slide design? Or are you guilty of disappointing the audience? 

While professionals have the best intentions, bad  powerpoint presentation slide design are often the result of poor planning. It is not that you are deliberately abusing your audience. But habits, norms, and standards can contribute to inconclusive presentations and equally poor slide design results. 

avoid these powerpoint presentation slide design mistakes

If you have even a idea, or instinct that presentation planning can be improved, you owe it to yourself to take action. The promotion begins with a study of current presentation design practices. Check the powerpoint presentation slide design of below video.

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Also here are some things to avoid when designing a powerpoint presentation slide design.

  • Poorly structured stories: Killer stories are well-structured stories. If you notice an unbridled barrage of stories leading nowhere, you have a clear problem. Your staff don't know how to create a story from scratch.
  • Various messages: Unfortunately, many PowerPoint presentations are unclear. Multiple posts are not intended for an audience. They only produce a blurry blur. People are not sure of interest.
  • Bullet madness: Displaying everything in a huge ocean of fleas is a recipe for distraction. The audience struggles to connect with the main concepts. But they get lost in the endless onslaught of bullets.
  • Too much data : Some presenters forward their information to different types of data diagrams. From pie charts to drawn lines. You can still overwhelm the audience without revealing ideas.
  • Random illustrations:  To balance all the tiles, some professionals randomly drop photos, illustrations or cartoons. It may provide some visual relief, but that's not the point. Cliparts are used by millions of presenters. Re-using illustrations that the audience has already seen contributes to boring presentations.
  • Graphic dimensions: Some presenters are wrong on the other end of the spectrum. Graphic ruler. Lots of charts, diagrams, photos and examples for each slide. It's different, but no improvement.
    Visual abuse throws the audience into a mind-boggling whirlwind without telling a clear story. 
    What else can you do to avoid alienating your audience? Transform the conversation. Use smart stories to structure your slides. Organize your message with images and words for everyone to see right away. 
    It's not the software's fault. This is how we use it. 
    Apply these few principles if you want to create spectacular and effective presentations with PowerPoint. Check the ideas from powerpoint presentation tutorial bangla.
  • Transform history: Use a clear structure to organize the story of your presentation. Working with a presentation storyboard is one of the fastest ways to move from ideas to the finished story. Even if you're very busy and your presentation lasts an hour, outlining your essential flow will help you present clearly and confidently.
  • Switch to a conversation: Tell and show your story. Give people time to brainstorm, share their experiences and contribute to the discussion. As many professionals have been trained in one-way presentations, expectations have changed. Today's audience expects and demands interaction. If you are used to presenting without participation, encouraging questions and discussion, it is time to put in some effort. Add an interaction to the equation.
  • Add variety: There is nothing more boring than all the same. Try different designs. Experiment with unique ways to display information.
  • If everyone uses lists and bullets, do it differently: Display your information with photos, images and diagrams. 
  • If you get the chance, stretch yourself even more: Throw a plate conversation into the mix. Show an accessory or model to explain ideas. Add variety to your slides and whatever media you choose.
  • Get objective feedback: Sometimes it is difficult to stand out when standards and rules are deeply rooted. Now is the best time to communicate and get objective feedback. Talk to a presentation coach. Talk to colleagues in other areas.
  • Find out what people are doing in other companies, industries and organizations. The more you see what's going on, the more you recognize opportunities.
Designing effective PowerPoint sales presentations will make you stand out. The more you discover how to deliver exceptional web content presentations for free, the more phenomenal results you can hope to achieve.

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