What do you know about Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 GPU?

Nothing teases up the people more than talking about an amazing graphics card that you just can't buy. But today we're not going to talk about the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. No, no. We're going to talk about one of the most anticipated cards of the year, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, the super S.

So let's talk about the body of the card. The most exciting part are some things that you may be didn’t expect on the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070. The color of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 is more like gunmetal. But The 3080 has a bit of a bronzy look.

what do you know about nvidia geforce rtx 3070 gpu?

You will like this colour, you really will do. There is a variance, the colour ended up being the backplate, it's got nice. It is a plastic backlit by the way. It's not metal and it's got the grooved lines in there, which look really nice. It does share the pass-through blower style, just like you find on the 3080 and the 3090. When you look at it from this perspective, it really does look like a VHS tape. We thought, was this going to be a standard dual axle fin? But no, the front fin shares the same blow off blower style, so it's pulling air in and pushing it out. The back, pretty much all the air exhausting through the card that can then push up on your RAM and your CPU and stuff. But hat's just going to heat up your CPU and your RAM. People tested and has seen that it actually lowers the temperature of components. just like the 3080 and 3090, it does drop the USB C on the back, but you have three display port and one HDMI.

If these cards could have two HDMI, especially if you're using an HDMI virtual reality headset. A lot of them now are using display port, but it just is always nice to have an extra HDMI for TV out and all that sort of stuff. You're still stuck with the same twelve pin found on the 3080 and 3090. The pin actually terminates into a single eight pin, unlike the other two which end into a dual a pin. Don't feel tempted to try using the single eight pin on a 3080 or 3090 just to see what happens. Bad things won't happen except, the fact that you're going to be pulling a lot of wattage. That single cable and it might end up going poof and then turning into a nice plastic fire. Moving on, there is no lighting on this card limit. The price point five hundred bucks. This is just an etch. It does not light up anywhere on the backplate the face of the card, the back of the card, nowhere. So, it is completely dimmed out if you will. So, a lot of people may not care about that because it was white LEDs. The aesthetics, look so good anyway.

But that's really beside the point. Now, compare it to the 2080. You can see the size difference is pretty noticeable. It's a standard height card and it's a two-slot card and it's going to fit in many more choices. The cool thing about the optics 3070 being smaller is that that opens you up to a lot more options. At the 2080 would have probably been a poor choice for a small form factor, one because of the dual axle fans. That puts a lot of stress on the chassis, to try and cool off with this being a half blow through style. Half exhaust style means that you could probably use this in a small form factor and get away with it. And, it's probably something we're going to check in the future. With the nice gunmetal look, it is a lower wattage card, it's 2020 vs 2050 watts of the 2080. So, we're checking the claims here. In fact, checking nvidia is correct, that saying it is either on point or slightly faster than a 2080. It's going to be doing it at less wattage and that's because of the amperes efficiency. The improvements over overturning, which were definitely touted during their keynote.

Makes sense. It could be a lower part, giving you roughly the same performance. It is important to remember too that this is using Gen two art course vs the 2080 Gen one art course. It also has less art course than the 2080. So, keep that in mind too, when you take a look at these graphs. Because the performance is not directly comparable. The last speck worth really mentioning here, because we talk about Cuda core counts. We can talk about art cause tense because at the end of the day who cares what the number actually is? The performance at the end of the day is what matters most than memory specs. The 2080 is 11 gigabytes of DDR and 6352-bit Busses. But the 3070 is only eight gigabytes of R6 running at the same frequency for only 256 Bettina's. So, it's important to remember when you look at these charts again. This is at a disadvantage memory wise versus the 2080. 

So, Jensen Huang said 3070 is going to be as fast, even faster than 3080 at $500 vs $1200.

$700 less. Was he telling the truth?

The 3070 was trailing the 2080 not by a lot. But by like three or four fps at times in 4K. Then it kind of held that same three or four fps up to 14, 40. It would either be somewhat barely behind the 20 ADT at 20 P. It was trailing behind on the high resolution. Everything to do again with that memory throughput of a bandwidth eight gigabytes. Is the argument now, is that enough these days? All the talk about AMD cards potentially coming up with 16 gigs across the board. You've got to have a fast GPU at obviously complement the memory. But you can tell, that's one of the areas where they saved money. On the 3070 was the memory that was evident in some of these titles. But as you move down the line, you start testing the newer engines. Some of them, we actually saw a pretty big improvement over the 20 ADT shadow. The Tomb Raider being one of them, which is funny because it's a newer or newer title. But it seems like the newer Tenzer, cause we're definitely able to take advantage of the shadows. Even though it's a first gen title. It really pulled ahead nicely. But it doesn't matter if it was Decs 12 or it trades blows with the 2080. 

People take something and they cling on to it. And then you started hearing things like 3070 to the 2080 to a killer. And it's like no one ever said it's going to kill the 2080. Jensen Huang going oh by the way it's faster than a 2080. You could definitely left open to interpretation. Because guess what, if you were on a 3.99 second top fuel dragster quarter mile that's faster than a 3.99999. Oh is faster than 3.99. Is that measurable? Can you see that? Well, visually on the cards you can. But if you were trying to find the one or two fps. May be that this is slower in some titles and three or four fps, it's faster than other titles. Can you notice that? No, not really. But do you notice the difference in price. Hell yes, 499 bucks and SRP for the Founders edition card is a hell of a lot better. If a price point for the performance that you get than the 2080.

And it holds true to the expectations. If you expected this to be a killer of a card that cost $700. Do math atop your head, but this is way less percentage wise than the 2080 costs. And you are getting anywhere between like 97% to 103% of that performance. That's a good deal. Deal with it. But are you going to be able to buy it? If the 3080 and 3090 launch has taught us anything. It's that he wasn't ready. You still cannot go out and just on a whim decide you're going to buy a 30 series card and go home with it the same day. Heck, you can't even order it really if you want. So, and it is kind of bowing out of the direct sales game. 

So I guess it makes sense that the embargo for this would be live. Although we'd only be talking hypothetically. Because we don't have Nabby big Nagbe cards yet, so we can't directly compare them. But if you are going to be upgrading from an older team green card to potentially this card. well then, I mean, it's kind of a no brainer. If this is your price point, this is the best card you're going to get right now. But, you know, new cards are going to come in the future. It's just the way things are vs big. Nabby, though. And have no reason to believe it won't be. Because this is going to be like the era of the 680 vs the seventy-nine seventy graphics cards. where AMD was actually beating the 680 pretty much across the board. So, there you go, guys. This is the coverage of the 3070. It actually holds up to the expectations of being a 2080 level graphics card for 499 bucks. Sound off down in the comments below. How you guys feel about this card. I know the jokes are going to be flying about availability. That's obvious. The reason why those jokes aren't warranted either. It's kind of shown by now that getting your hands on any 30 series card is kind of like winning the lottery at this point. And remember, don't use the single eight pin connector on a 3080.

Nvidia claims to be helpful because of high graphics facilities. Hope they will stand to their words. Because day by day everything is upgrading, just like if you see powerpoint presentation tutorial bangla animations, in order to do these type animation and video graphics, even microsoft also asking high resolution GPU. So for gamers and high graphics works priorities would sky high. So nvidia instead of teasing, keep up on your words, please.

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