Secrets Behind PowerPoint Presentation Design Ideas

A good powerpoint presentation design ideas help to express something better than to read. 
Microsoft powerpoint design gives a unique aesthetic value to a presentation. 
Brightly colored image makes visual communication dynamic. 
A good powerpoint presentation design connects the audience to the subject more easily, so it is not wrong to say that design increase audience engagement. 
What do you think of when you think of your friends' social media designs? Of course, stunning designs come in the form of selfies! Don't be shy, honestly admit that we are all in love with these designs. 
How about a PowerPoint presentation designs? Is there any reason not to include image designs in a PPT template? 
There may be no reason for it. We all live in a world of designs, and our brains respond quickly to designs instead of text. For this reason, professionals highly recommend inserting high-resolution graphic designs into a PPT presentation. With all that in mind, we've listed here some great reasons to emphasize the importance of designs when creating a great powerpoint presentation design. 
With a good powerpoint presentation design ideas, more accurate and accurate information can be spread quickly and clearly. 
Thus, designs transform a PowerPoint presentation into a pictorial communication worth viewing, if not, who cares! In summary, we can conclude here that the best PowerPoint presentations are those with high-quality design. 

secrets behind powerpoint presentation design ideas

Now here a natural question arises: how to create powerpoint presentation design to get flawless results to start a good PPT presentation preview. 

No problem! To help you do this, here the 5 top secret ideas for making  PowerPoint presentation design. Check powerpoint presentation design ideas of automobile presentation. 

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  • Secret no 1. Select Accurate Design: When conceptualizing visual communication, always keep in mind that whatever you're planning must plan big. The same goes for design: the relevant they 
    are, the better.
    The key here is to use a full PPT slide to embed design. The design on the far right or left or even in the center that only takes up a small part of the PPT template certainly does not attract the attention of the audience. Regardless of the relevance and high resolution of the design you insert, the desired effect will not be achieved.
    In short, all the serious efforts to choose the right design. The point here is to use all the space and take up the maximum part of the slide with the design.
    Moreover, by simply dragging the text or message over the top half or other insignificant parts of the design, an engaging effect can be easily created.
  • Secret no 2. Use one Design per slide: Creating an engaging effect with a combination of images is a difficult task. Too many images clutter the slide and confuse the audience.
    So choose smaller circles or fewer images per slide to create a clearer view that focuses on one message only. The key is to use only one image per slide. Check the powerpoint presentation tutorial bangla for more presentation ideas.
  • Secret No. 3. Don't play with the dimensions of Design: The designs are actually sort of trigger threads that a presenter places to grab the audience's attention. Tell me, how many of us haven't practiced overlaying a PowerPoint template by just picking a design in a corner and then dragging it?
    This is not the right way to go.
    Let's see what is the right way. To enlarge the design, first press the "control key" and drag it by grabbing it with the round button in the corner. The advantage of corner scrolling is that the design size only increases in a well-proportioned manner, completely reducing the problem of design distortion.
    Now here is the second part of the mission. To match the design on the PowerPoint slide. Choose the "crop" option from the layout tools to trim the unnecessary portion of the design until it fits exactly on the template slide.
  • Secret no. 4. Choose background of the slide which matches the Design:  A good powerpoint design means, there is no empty space to enclose text. In short, space limitations arise with life-size images. No problem! Just by applying a simple and clever trick, you can easily avoid this problem to get out of this successfully. How is this possible? We will see!
    First, there is absolutely no need to crop or enlarge the design because it doesn't serve the purpose. Just paste the design into a properly sized PPT template and leave it as is. Now you need to match the color of the PowerPoint background slide with the color of the design. 
  1.  Cover the entire slide by matching design.
  2. Adjust the background color of the design with the tool.
  • Secret no 5. Replicate or duplicate design to remove empty spaces: Well, creating a great design is important into a PPT slide. Now the question here is what is holding back? The answer is not too difficult! Obviously, the odd size of the design and the failure of all of the design techniques. Anyway, to help you here, we've come up with a replication or duplication technique to avoid blank spaces on a slide. How it works, let's understand! When you select the design, PowerPoint displays a new " Tool" option on the ribbon. Press Ctrl + D to create a replica of the design, crop the replicated design, leaving only the portion needed to cover the white space left over from the original design. It's not over yet! Now, click on "Rotate" that appears in the "Tool" ribbon. A drop-down menu will open here. Select the option "Flip Horizontal" and click to see the amazing result.
  1. Replicate the image and crop the unwanted replicated image.
  2. Result after cropping the image
  3. End result after horizontal turn
It is now no longer a secret. Anyone can apply these PPT design insertion techniques to create lasting effect and win praise with a great powerpoint presentation design ideas. Give them a try to impress your audience with your next PowerPoint presentation design ideas.

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