10 Ways you can improve your business using google analytics

10 Ways you can improve your business using google analytics.
Do you want to improve your website? I am sure you do.
Do you know how to start the improvement? I believe some of you know, some of you still struggling. It’s really ok to be struggling. Because covid19 has brought new marketing trends for 2021, it will take time to adjust with those trends.
I struggled also, still in few cases also do. That’s where we actually start to improve and develop. 
Instead of random changes, begin with the data. To drive your updates, use user behavior. 
I am sure you are using google analytics of your website. Millions of people are using google analytics, an it’s increasing day by day, to improve the business. 
At the beginning everybody is confused about, how to use it. I also was, still I am also learning every day. So, don’t feel like the only person, in this world. 
Today, I will share few things, I have discovered.

1. How to Stand Out Against Your Competition? 
One of the best things you should do is, create a standard to catch. It will help you to understand, what you should do and also what you shouldn’t do. 
All the data won’t be right in every way. It’s possible, your competitions are not using google analytics. But at least you will have some lead to follow. 
You can have good knowledge about website traffic information comparing to your competition, it’s also important to know engagement level of your traffics and your competitions traffics. 
Comparison will help you to get ideas, for improvement and making changes where it’s needed. 
To take it to the next level, you can always use semrush, ahref, uberuggest too. You will find more information for further steps. 
10 ways you can improve your business using google analytics

2. How to Find Visitors Location? 
To find visitors location you can check the locations side bar. Your visitors are not only from your area, they can be from a different countries and cities. 
Geo data helps you to get locations, which can help you, if you need to modify for audiences. It’s very helpful for business. 

3. Try to Make Sure Audience are Coming Back. 
Always try to make sure your audience comes back for your product and services. Try to give the best effort to your audience interests and requirements. But if you want to serve for once then make sure new audiences are coming to your website. Create products or service like that. 
Google Analytics data give you that information, so that you can find who is coming back and who is not coming back. 

4. How Long People Staying in Your Website? 
To increase your sales, way is getting more traffic. Also, when people leaving your website is important information. 
People leaving without browsing your website is the way to find bounce rate. You also can find how long someone stayed on your site and page. 
This the best way to improve profit. All these, information will help you if you need to change anything. 

5. Is Your Website is Customer Friendly? 
Customer friendly websites are easy for the customers. If you can find customers browser information, then you will be able to find, is your website is displaying properly. 
Google Chrome dominating worldwide right now. 
But there are also Firefox user, Bing user and Mobile browsers too. If your website is compatible for those browsers, then there is a possibility of losing customers. 

6. What is The Screen Resolution of Your Customer? 
Most people browse the website with high-resolution flat screen monitors, laptops, or mobile devices. 
Mobile users, tab users, laptop users, desktop users screen resolution, all this information can be found, in the screen resolution section in Google Analytics. 
It helps to create responsive design for customer. 

7. Try to Find Reference for Your Website 
Search engines are huge source of traffic but getting reference from any website is big bonus for you also. 
If you find any source of traffic, don’t stop, look for other opportunities in similar sites 

8. Find The Keywords That Drives Traffic to Your Website 
To know the keywords drive traffic to your website is very important. 
Use those keywords mostly to drive traffic. Don’t stop experimenting. 
Improve on page SEO, link your page on your site. Create more backlinks. 
Use Google Ads, pay per click campaign etc. 

9. What Your Visitors Like and Dislike? 
Try to find your visitors like and dislike, offer new things to your visitors. 
Offering related services and products to your customers can be a good idea too. 
To get more sales it always good idea to, create sales from current traffic. Selling to new customers, it takes more efforts. 
Find why people are leaving your website. Just check, from which page they are leaving. It will help improve your content. 
Add link that complement your contents. 
Improve the performance of your web pages, use google analytics. 

10. How to Set Your Goals? 
Google Analytics account has goal set up option. Google Analytic will inform you automatically about the goals. 
Goals help you chase something. If you don’t have goals, how would you know where to work and improve. 
To increase the website traffic, Google Analytic information helps a lot. 

At the end, I hope, you have got some ideas. Where to start, how to start. If you guys have got something new from this post. This post is successful. Always look closely, what your visitors like in your website. Never ignore bounce rate of your website. Keep developing contents and products. 

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