The Secrets Get More Customers Using Google Adwords

Get more customers using google adwords. Doing online business is not so easy, because competitions are everywhere. There will be competitors you don’t even know the name, but they are competing against you. And big companies have endless marketing budgets to run their advertisement. Fight of standing the first page of google is competitive work. No matter how good SEO is, it can take months, even years to acquire that place. 
Google has AdWords, this paid (PPC) can be helpful here for business. Advertising service of Google AdWords displays businesses on Google search results. On Google SERPs (search engine result pages), ads can appear many places like at the top or bottom of it.
New businesses looking to get online customer quick and easy, Google AdWords is the fast marketing strategy for them. Today’s discussion is about all these things of Google AdWords.

• Why Google AdWords useful for Business?
• Ready for PPC (Pay Per Click)
• Google AdWords Account Setting
• Start Multiple Ads
• Evaluate Campaigns
• Quality Score of Google

Why Google AdWords Useful for Business?
For advertising a business, most powerfully built tool is Google AdWords. Few reasons are given below. It will also help you for your marketing by showing the keywords details. In this epidemic covid19 has brought new marketing trends for 2021, those information will be handy for marketing, so as a result it will boost the business.

Targets Market Appropriately
Using Google AdWords, business owner can show their ads to the precisely potential customers. Even owners can select the age, geographic location, where he wants to show his ads. Also, can select the times, when ads will be displayed to audiences. This is the power of Google AdWords.
Analysis show, most of mobile users that do a search on smartphone, visits the store within a day. Local businesses always get the upper hand on getting traffic’s attention because of being on top SERPs.

the secrets get more customers using google adwords

Can Target Specific Devices
Google AdWords allows the option, in which devices ads will appear. Like desktops, tabs, mobiles etc. It can be more specific device like iphone or windows too. But here bid can be adjusted higher or lower as per devices. 

Result based Payment
In Google AdWords business pays only for clicks on their ads, not for impressions. This is called PPC advertising. Here business only paying when people clicking and visiting their website

Can Track Performance
By using Google AdWords, it’s possible to monitor outcome of ads. You can have the information, how much traffic you got on your website, how much clicked your ad and viewed. 
Economic Impact report of google shows, for online marketing strategy use of Google AdWords always brings positive results. But can’t be true all the time. This is why, it’s best to discover. 

Please keep reading, if you are confused about anything, it’s going to help you.

Ready for PPC (Pay Per Click)
To get the most out of PPC, objectives have to be clear, and will have to be use smartly. So, to get more sales have to be more specific. 
If someone visits your website, he or she may not buy anything first time. Because it also takes trust and connection with users to make them buy a product. But here business can have few things like:

• Create Sales
• Registration Form
• Sign-ups for Email
• Generate Leads
• Increasing Brand Awareness

There can be so many different objectives but also need to have a landing page too.

Landing Page
Landing page also can generate lots of information and can convert visitors to leads. A good landing page can do that. So, it’s very important for campaign. 

Landing page designing process:
• Clear Objectives: Don’t create confusing objectives or multiple objectives. It confuses visitors. Keep it simple and clear. 
• Include Call to Action: Include highlighted call to action button on your landing page.
• Mobile Friendly: Page must be mobile friendly. 
• Promise Must be Kept: Landing page must deliver the same promise ads has shown.

Now time to go to Google AdWords account.

Google AdWords Account Setting

Sign Up
Go to Google AdWords website and sign up with your Google account, if don’t have one, then create one. 
Let’s start your first campaign. Choose budget, target audiences, bids, ad copy. 

Fix Budget
Add a budget for per day, and it will never cross the limit. It’s better if you can figure out how much visitor you can convert to customers from landing page. But it’s not bad starting it averagely. 
After choosing currency and budget, click on save and to the next step.

Select Target Audience
Here you can target geographical location of your audiences. You can select countries, cities, regions. Totally, you can specify the location.

Choose Network
Here you will have to choose between Google’s Search Network and Display Network. Search Network shows your ads on the google SERPs but Display Network will show your ad on any website that display ads.
Starters and little businesses should go with search network because it displays ads to users that are looking for keywords same as your business.

Select Keywords
Search terms and phrases entered in Google search are the Keywords. You can choose few keywords to trigger your ad on SERP.
Choose keywords that will bring absolute result. But should also pay attention to search volume of keywords. AdWords is a bidding system. High search volume keywords are pricy. Campaign can be expensive. So, cost must be checked, choose relevant keywords which has moderate search volume.

Keywords Types

How you want your ad to be displayed, check below:

Broad Match Type: Default setting on AdWords is broad match. It shows ads on similar phrases search. Because of synonyms and one part of keywords, ad may appear on unrelated searches. For example, if you search “best restaurants Dk”, using broad match, your ad may also show in the results for “burgers in Dk”.

Modified Broad Match: Broad match modifier gives more control, just add ‘+’ before keyword. Now only search term contains the words after the ‘+’, will appear in the results. For example, “+best restaurants Dk”, your result will never show for search terms like “burgers in Dk”.
Phrase Match Type: Phrase match is also very powerful. It will show your ad in the same order of your chosen keyword. For example, “best restaurants DK”, your ad won't show for “DK best restaurants”. For specification, put keywords in between quotations.

Exact Match Type: Exact match allows ad to display to your chosen keywords. For example, “best restaurants DK”, your ad will not even appear for search terms like “best Indian restaurants in DK”.

Negative Keywords: Negative keywords ensure your ad is not shown to irrelevant audiences. 

Set Bid
AdWords is bidding model. Bid is the amount of money you are paying for every person that clicks on your ad. If you and your competitor bidding for the similar keyword, and you want to pay more to show higher than theirs ad, you can do it.
If you want to do bid manually, you can research by Google Keyword Planner to get leads. But for starters its always better to step with the automatic bids. After you get familiar, you can start manually.

Write Ad
Writing ad is the toughest part of this process. Messe must be clear, so that users must click on your ad. Few tips are given below:
Best Practices
• Keep it simple: Space is not enough so keep it simple.
• Heading is Important: Heading is the first thing user sees from your ad. Make sure it convincing for them to click on the ad.
• Clear Call to Action: A clear call to action is big yes.
Ad Anatomy:
• Heading: Include your keywords in heading, use the spaces of 30 characters wisely. 
• Description: Keep it clear, mention offers and discounts. Don’t do any grammatical mistakes, it will just look immature. 

Create Ad
After everything save and continue. Google will ask about payment information.

Start Multiple Ads
If you start multiple ads on different objectives, then you can find which one doing best for your business. For example, for a Furniture Shop, an ad group may be dedicated to Beds while another dedicated to Sofas.
Both ad groups can be in the same campaign. Here budget, location, device setting is same, but if multiple location and device then campaign will be separate. 

Evaluate Campaign
Google AdWords gives you advantages of tracking. You will understand, your created ad is going well or not. 
To track always select a conversion source. Little business common conversions are:
• Websites: Users click on your ad, go to your landing page, and do the action.
• Phones: Mobile user calls your number and mention about your ad.
So, set up a Google Analytics goal for website and follow instructions for setting up Google AdWords conversion tracking. 

Quality Score of Google
How your ads are going, google tracks that performance, use that information.
• Relevant Landing Page: Relevancy of the keywords to the content shows on your landing page.
• Expected Click-Through-Ratio: User clicking on your ad after searching for keyword.
• Relevancy of Ad: Relevancy of your ad to keywords.
Add “quality score” column to check the quality score of your keywords 
Quality score shows what you pay per click. It gives idea of your ad position. Google will increase the bid amount with quality score. For example, for a keyword, if score is 0.5, and you make a $1.5 bid, your ad will be placed below your competitor, whose quality score is 0.3 and bid is $2. 

Google AdWords is very powerful tool for small businesses. But, if you are not using smartly, then platform can cost you advertising money, without bringing in return on investment. Take a step and start using it. You will understand by yourself day by day. 

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