Get Rid of Misconception About Alexa Traffic Rank Problems Once And For All

Misconceptions about Alexa Traffic Rank 

Alexa is owned by amazon. This is not like regular Alexa most of the people know. If you tell “Alexa, bring me pizza”, it won’t bring pizza. There are various misconception about Alexa Traffic Rank. These misconceptions actually dragging us to the lead. As a result, researches and works are going wrong. Today, I will try to share few things. 

get rid of misconception about alexa traffic rank problems once and for all

Whoever installed Alexa Toolbar, Alexa only can count their traffic: 
This information is totally wrong. “Alexa toolbar” browser extension can count any website, whether that website installed the Alexa extension or not. 

Alexa toolbar can bring traffic to your website if you install: 
Not true, I have heard YouTubers sharing this sort of wrong information. Alexa extension can’t bring traffic to your website, unless there is a paid agreement. 

Alexa only can count site owners and marketers: 
This is also not true. It’s based on billions of people using browser extensions 

Ranking affects by claiming the site:
This is totally a wrong information. It really doesn’t matter whether you claim or not. Claiming has no effect on ranking. Claiming site is free and it keeps information updated. It will help you to not miss the potential opportunities of business. 

Alexa toolbar improves rank: 
Alexa toolbar doesn’t improve rank. It only counts the site visitors. 

Specific day’s traffic can improve ranking in Alexa: 
Alexa ranking is based on tailing 3 months. So, really doesn’t matter if your site visitors improve in a specific day. 

Paying Alexa can get you better rank:
Totally wrong, but Alexa marketing can help you to find opportunities to have more visitors for your site. Install Alexa certification code to your website. It will count site visitors. It will prove you lead. 

Actually keep it simple while marketing your business. Because of social distancing covid19 has brought new marketing trends for 2021, follow these trends. Be careful of scams on internet. There are various information on the net, where they will share codes about free Alexa verification. Those codes can be a trap. So try to avoid such things. Hope, this information will be helpful to someone. If it does, then my post is successful.

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