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As a professional marketer, I have seen good and bad uses of powerpoint presentation. If you see the new microsoft powerpoint updates functionality always used less, though it has wide range of features. Hope these features will be explored and used more and more for marketing, design and presentation. These uses will be handy to connect to customers because covid19 has brought new marketing trends for 2021. Here are some tips for making PowerPoint presentation looks attractive. 

The secret is, use fewer slides and less text. PowerPoint is very powerful tool, this is why Microsoft named it powerpoint. If the powerpoint presentation design ideas used correctly, it will enhance quality of the presentation. If used improperly, it can destroy it. 
  • Highlights: Use PowerPoint to highlight your most important points. Your presentation probably has key points. Use PowerPoint to graphically enhance these powerpoint presentation templates design points.
  • Powerpoint is not Script: Do not use PowerPoint slides as a script or note. Few things are less interesting than watching a presenter read their microsoft powerpoint presentation templates to the audience. Funnily, It is often referred to as death by PowerPoint. One of the benefits of using PowerPoint slides to reinforce the most important points is that they can't replace notes.
  • Media Tools: Use PowerPoint to present presented media in a more graphic than verbal way. This will likely include photos, videos and graphics. We live in a world full of media. If you need to present graphics, make them colorful, three-dimensional and graphically appealing. Follow the rules of powerpoint presentation design guidelines. Check the below video tutorial. Language option is available.

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  • Make It Readable: When it comes to inserting text into your PowerPoint slides, keep it easily and comfortably. Keep the font large. But not more than five lines per slide, less will be good. Use an easy-to-read font, and provide enough contrast between the text and the background. Also keep in mind that colors probably won’t be as highly saturated when the slide is projected. It will be different than as they are on your computer screen. Make sure you avoid these things of powerpoint presentation slides design.
  • No Distraction: Always remember you are the presenter. PowerPoint is just helping you. Don't do the opposite. Human interaction is the best communication. Don't focus on making your PowerPoint slides too vibrant or too vivid. This often happens when a presenter is unsure of their presentation skills and tries to compensate by creating beautiful slides. The public can see through this trick. They want to connect with you, not your PowerPoint slides.And best of all: Turn your presentation into a conversation. Always follow powerpoint presentation design tips. Most people like conversations. If your presentation is a conversation rather than a lecture, your audience is much more likely to appreciate and remember it.
ConclusionPowerpoint has wide and range of features for designer and graphics works. If you see the update of powerpoint, microsoft has asked for high resolution graphics like nvidia geforce rtx 3070, Intel HD Graphics 620 etc.

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