How to IMPORT Responsive HTML EMAIL TEMPLATE into Gmail for EMAIL MARKETING Campaign 2022

Today I will show you how you can import a beautiful html email to your gmail and use it for your email marketing. To do a good business you always need a good marketing strategy. It comes first with your email marketing. Actually whenever you are going to do a email marketing you always need a good email template, where you are sharing everything about your products and services. For me I'm going to share email to many people, so that they can reach my YouTube Channel, so they can see my videos. For you it can be your products. 


So first what we'll have to do is just press anywhere in your email template. Just press right click and select view page source. You can also press Ctrl+U. After that you will see the email template codes. It's has lots of codes. You will have to just copy the codes. We don't need to worry about it, we just will have to do, only press Ctrl+A (select) and just copy it. After that just compose a new email. And paste the html email codes. To paste the HTML codes need to put a placeholder. As a placeholder you can use emoji and also can use any word or text. I will show both ways. Firstly I'm going to use the emoji. Insert a emoji in the email body. Select the emoji then just right click and click inspect. To your right you will see so many codes. Right click and click edit html option. You can select all the codes and just paste previously copied HTML email codes. Click outside,  see now you have the email template on your email composer. Now you just click send,  it will go to your desired email address. Just to check, have you sent the email correctly or not! Just click view message. Here you will see that there is a problem right now! It doesn't look like there is a problem, but there is really a problem. This is not the right way to send an HTML email. Check the below 👇 video for more help 👇

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In the footer section if you see Gmail has actually removed the CSS.  In our original email template if you see we don't have this problem. When we mail from Gmail, actually Gmail takes the CSS out. So to solve this problem, we will do an extra step here. We are going to use a tool from MailChimp. This tool is called the CSS inliner tool. We will have to just do one thing, we will have to just copy the codes and paste it to the CSS inliner tool. Then just click convert. CSS inliner will convert the codes properly. After that just select all and copy all the codes. Then again just compose a new email. Just like previously put an emoji. Select the EMOJI and right click press inspect. After that in the codes section edit HTML just paste all the codes. Now again just send the email. To check, go to view message, now if you see we don't have this problem. So this is the right way to send the HTML email. 

I will show you another way. For that you'll have to write a text in the email body. I am writing a text here. I just write "Dear". Now just like previously, select the "Dear" and go to inspect. Now here is an important thing. Don't remove all the codes here, just remove where "Dear" is written. Just paste all the codes here and click outside. If you see we have the email here properly. Right now just like previously click and send the email to your customer. Check the view message if you want to check if all the CSS are ok or not! Everything is fine. Another important thing is if anyone now just click any of your content it will take your customer to your desired location. For me I added my youtube videos. So if you see, my video has opened. So I hope you get the idea how to work with it. 

Now I'll tell you a few important things if you know the coding, then you can create your own email template. Or if you can use the Adobe XD app you can also create your own email template. But if you don't know the coding, how you can create your own template! That's the main thing. There is something I'm going to share, so that you can find lots of beautiful email templates for your email marketing. From MailChimp you can find and edit your own email template. Also you can go to Here you will find so many beautiful email templates. From here always do one thing, that is uncheck the pro option. To use the pro option, you will have to upgrade. But always remember one important thing, always choose a mobile friendly template. Because now a days most of the people are checking their emails from mobile. So I hope this article was helpful for you guys. This is it for today, have a great day!

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